Tactical Radio Advertising


Rugby League has always had a large and loyal following across the UK, particularly in the north. With an increasing number of national and international tournaments being held in this country, its aim has been to build on this fanbase and attract more families to the sport.


Radio’s ability to target specific fans makes it relatively easy to promote events like the Magic Weekend, and the World Cup in the very areas where matches take place. Tactical advertising around specific events – using heroes from the game and well known celebrity fans – has enabled us to work with the RFL to create a series of commercials that sell the excitement of the sport, and push listeners very firmly towards the RFL’s online ticketing site.


Working in close collaboration with the client and their media consultants, we aimed to create commercials that exploited both the locations, the rivalries and the personalities that would resonate with the listeners. Events like the World Cup require little or no promotions in themselves, but promoting the idea of watching the tournament unfold in locations like Anfield creates different challenges. Conversely, when the RFL create multi team tournaments and family events like the Magic Weekend, the challenge is to bring the sport to life and attract a brand-new audience.

"Reaching new audiences, and attracting new fans to Rugby League is a challenge for us in unfamiliar areas. Get Carter Productions really understand our objectives, and deliver the message in a way that works"

Rob Porteus

Marketing Manager, Rugby Football League