Strategic Radio Advertising


Think Money Group operate a number of financial products and services including Think Money Credit Card, which is primarily aimed at younger people in their late twenties who may find it difficult to obtain credit, or who are seeking to improve their credit score.


Think Money Credit Card have been a regular radio advertiser for a number of years, but when Get Carter made our creative approach to them, they were more than happy to brief us on a brand new campaign to highlight the benefits of the product. In particular, their ‘quick on-line eligibility check’ that won’t affect your credit score.


From the outset, we knew that Think Money Credit Card and the group’s Ocean campaign had to achieve ‘total sonic separation’ on the radio.

In the case of Think Money, we wanted to appeal to the younger target demographic in a way which they could quickly recognise and identify with.

Using sarcastic humour and featuring sound effects of an increasingly bizarre list of products you’d never dream of buying, these Think Money radio ads provide real stand out for the brand, by communicating to the audience on an alternative and amusing level.

“Get Carter Productions’ innovative way of approaching our business made a strong enough impression that they were the first company we contacted with our new radio brief. They took the time to fully consider the most effective creative treatment, and it’s one we are sure will resonate with Think Money’s target audience over the course of the campaign.”

Stelios Charalambous

Director of Unsecured Broking at Think Money Group