Tactical Radio Advertising


Van Monster is the Used Van Sales arm of Northgate PLC – with branches across the UK and Ireland, and a very strong web presence. Their target market lies within the highly competitive sector of SMEs and sole trader ‘White Van Men’.


Having used radio advertising for tactical campaigns with mixed results, the brief was to create a strong and lasting audio identity, with the capability of running specific offers and incentives, and a theme which could be developed over a longer period of time.


Our first response was to try and create a suite of commercials that stood apart from the usual ‘tradesmen’ based radio ads most of their market sector were using. This quickly developed into a music-based approach – relatively unusual on the talk radio stations used to target their potential customers. Once the idea of using ‘Monster’ by The Automatic was discussed, we realised that we had the basis for a great campaign with a truly outstanding potential recall. After a month on air, this was borne out by some remarkable increases in sales enquiries – and an almost unanimous recognition by everyone we canvassed for a reaction.

‘The response to the Monster ads has proved that radio can reach our potential customers far more effectively than we’d previously thought. By helping us make the song and the campaign our own, the team at Get Carter Productions have given us a great platform to promote everything Van Monster can offer’

Julia Robinson

Marketing Manager, Northgate Plc