Local and National Radio Advertising


Automotive retail group Vertu Motors, which includes national brands Bristol Street Motors and Macklin Motors, along with an impressive array of premium franchise dealerships, has used radio extensively to market a variety of group based finance offers and manufacturer-backed incentives.


The challenge has always been to present the great customer incentives found in increasingly complex financial products, whilst maintaining Vertu Motors’ brand values and highlighting the features and benefits of the products they are promoting. Through a combination of great product knowledge, strong musical identities, and powerfully presented offers – we’ve made radio work as an essential component in a strong and evolving media mix.


Radio’s great strength has always been in reaching conquest customers. The adage that ‘There’s no better time to talk to someone about a new car than when they’re in their old one’ over-simplifies the case for strong offer-based advertising, But it reinforces the idea that a well-crafted commercial can guide listeners into upgrading their car before they ordinarily would. We’ve also used every commercial as an opportunity to enhance Vertu Motors’ positive brand associations, and increase the feeling that they are a company listeners can trust. The latest cross-channel campaign, ‘What’s Yours Called’, pulls all these strands together around a strong and memorable theme.

"Get Carter Productions have given us a strong and recognisable voice in an increasingly competitive marketplace"

Liz Cope

Chief Marketing Officer - Vertu Motors