Radio Advertising? Maybe It's Time To Go Online

Graham looks at RAJAR’s latest online radio listening figures.

Here’s a couple of buzzwords we can’t seem to shake off at the minute...

“It’s a time of GREAT CHANGE” – yep, heard that a billion or so times recently!

And another one, “HYBRID” – hybrid cars, hybrid working, hybrid this and that!

So, here’s a thought or two in relation to your radio advertising - change and hybrids...

The first RAJAR results since the pandemic began have just been released and, among the merry-go-round of station audience figures, they show another massive increase in online radio listening.

Be that on your mobile, tablet, smart speakers or via computers – the figures are shooting up.

In 2019 (Q3) online listening accounted for 12.5% of all radio listening. By 2021 (Q3) that figure had jumped to 18% - that’s a rise of 44% in 2 years! And it’s gaining momentum, as this year’s increase percentage more than doubled on the same period the year before.

I’m not one to get carried away, but – with the same year on year increase and 2022 could mean a quarter of all listening is online.

But what does that all mean?

Well, it changes the whole media picture when it comes to radio.

Because now you’ve got over 182 million online listening hours in the last quarter to get your unfair share of. And that means ‘signed in’, connected listeners that are highly targeted.

Take DAX and XAXIS for instance (Global and Mediacom’s ‘digital advertising exchanges’) which give you access to a huge network of stations online.

So, instead of targetting by station, you’re able to target across a network to serve your ads to listeners of a specific age, social demographic, with specific interests, specific retail aspirations, total impressions. Eliminating so much wastage from days gone by.

So, what about the hybrid then?

Well, what we’re finding is that clients are still seeing the massive benefit of booking broadcast radio but now they’re ‘boosting’ their campaigns by bolting on or sharing budget with online – a great way to add more reach in specific areas / increase impacts during specific timeframes.

So, in this time of great change, maybe it’s time to look at a hybrid model for your next campaign.

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