Audio Branding - Henry Explains Why Size Doesn't Matter

Let’s have a think about the most well-known audio brands in the world.

What springs to mind? 

McDonald’s, obviously. And then there’s Intel. Or what about Coca Cola’s infamous ‘Holidays are Coming’ track, that signals the arrival of Christmas around the world? 

What do these all have in common? 

They’re all monolithic corporate juggernauts, I hear you say. 

There’s a very simple reason why these are the companies that have dominated our collective audio ecosystem for the last twenty to forty years: frequency. 

You see, an audio brand requires three things to be effective: 

First, distinction; to help the brand stand out in an audibly noisy world. 

Second, brand congruence; to ensure the emotions your music elicits resonate with the consumer’s pre-established feelings toward your brand. 

And finally, frequency. This ensures that the emotions evoked from your brand sounds become transferred from the short-term to the long-term memory; affecting subconscious purchasing decisions, and building intense brand loyalty. 

In days gone by, only these mega-magnates have had the capacity to establish their audio brand. 

This is because audio touchpoints that offered the appropriate frequency were previously limited to broadcast advertising and large-scale events. 

This means that the big boys were able to capitalise on TV and radio broadcast campaigns, reaching millions and gently imposing their earprint to the point that their sound became culture. 

But this limited form of audio branding has had its day; and steadily, as new technologies are introduced, the opportunity has arisen for smaller businesses to cash in on the audio branding experience. 

These new technologies, such as smartphones, have afforded us more cost-effective ways to achieve multiple plays to the same target – breaking down the costly barrier to entry for aspiring audio brands. 

So, the playing field is level. You’ve got the frequency. 

Now all you need to sort is the perfect, congruent and distinctive audio to play. 

I’d love to sort that out for you. Reach out at to get started translating your brand values into sound.