Reactive Versus Proactive

Matthew discusses one of the key benefits of Radio as a medium.

I was once shouted at by a rather robust military type letting me know in no uncertain terms the benefits of the 7Ps – Proper Prior Planning Prevents P*** Poor Performance!

Now whilst I buy into that, and agree that without planning any creative process can spiral out of control into anarchy, I also agree with being flexible.

The issue is, when does being reactive and flexible to a situation just become another reason for tardiness and being rather disorganised?

In a recent client meeting I asked the question how much of your time is dedicated to dealing with us and the audio mediums - namely, radio and the digital audio platforms. The answer of 10% whilst seemed quite low to my colleague is most likely rather flattering on the basis, we asked the question.

The fact is, as a specialist, we live and breathe these mediums and so dedicate 100% of our time to them. We are across all the station deadlines, audio specifications, what you can and can’t say, the best way to say them, station name changes, areas covered, format, target markets – I think you’re getting the picture.

We know all of this so that you can be reactive!

With everything that we’ve been through over the last couple of years and with the current supply chain issues, cost of living rises - we know and understand the need to be reactive.

It’s a major benefit of using the radio and audio channels versus all other broadcast media!

So, if you want someone to help you make great radio, achieve better result all made very easy give us a shout – in your own time!

Oh, and by the way – if you want to plan your creative audio strategy for the next 3 years in advance we also do that too…